Vision and Values


Menta is essentially a co-investment vehicle and as such we are focused on assembling teams that can unlock opportunities to develop land, often in partnership with local authorities and corporate land owners. With extensive experience of complex planning restrictions, strategic development and the reclamation of contaminated land we are ideally placed to create value.


At Menta we pride ourselves on being able to leverage value out of land opportunities to bring genuine investment returns whilst creating vibrant new communities. At all stages of our projects we are able to offer a wider strategic vision that focuses on community engagement and creates the kind of spaces that people are keen to live, work or play in.


We take great care to ensure our projects achieve the very highest standards of environmental protection and sustainability. We work closely with planning and government agencies to ensure that this sustainable approach is at the heart of all our developments, ensuring that materials and construction methods have as minimal an effect as possible upon the surrounding environment.


Our vision and commitment is for the long term. As projects move through planning and on to delivery and occupation phases we retain an active oversight of all aspects of the process to ensure that the original strategic vision is at the heart of everyone's experience.